Sunday, October 24, 2010

Operation Deep Injection – Mission Accomplished

Jim knocks on the door right at 3:20, just like he promised.  Just what I expect from a military boy.  He’s about 25, I’d say.  Close cropped hair and thin body.  He’ll do fine for my purposes

He seems nervous, so I put my left hand on his shoulder and tell him that this is going to be safe and fun.  He doesn’t need to be nervous.  Tell him that no one other than him and me will ever know this happened.  He notices my wedding band and palpably relaxes.  “I’m married too,” he says.  I tell him that traveling on business is my only opportunity to play, and I don’t like to waste it.  He says that he understands completely.

Just to bust his balls a little and set the right tone, I pull him in tight and kiss him in the mouth.  He says he doesn’t really get into kissing guys.  I tell him to get undressed and we’ll get started with what he does get into.

The tee-shirt and jeans come off, and he’s wearing camo colored briefs.  Too fucking hot for words!  I assist him out of his briefs. 

I bend him over the bed and grab the lube.  I start loosening up his hole with my fingers.  He sees me lubing my cock and asks “aren’t you going to use a condom?”  I tell him that my wife is on the pill, so we don’t keep them at home.  That’s why I do other married guys, so I don't have to worry about catching something. He looks concerned but does not tell me to stop.  I view that as a gold-plated doorway for entry, which I drive a Sherman tank through.

I push into his ass and start to power fuck him.  He is moaning and begging for more.  I cum deep in his ass.

He asks if he can shower before he goes home.  I say “sure” and take him to the bathroom and turn on the water.  He gets in and I join him.  I can tell that is not really what he wants, but hell, it’s my hotel room, so I don’t much care.  I tell to wash my dick, and he reluctantly complies, while reminding me that he doesn’t have much time.  I tell him that we won’t be in here long.  My dick is starting to tingle a little from his attention.  I turn him around and soap up his ass.  His hole is still stretched from the fucking, and is nice and soft.  Well, hell, I’m hard again.  I soap up my cock and promptly insert it in him.  He is not expecting that; his body tenses and he cries out.  That reaction makes me even hornier, after about a minute of in-and-out action, I climax.  Another load in his military butt.  I get out of the shower and leave him to clean himself up,  I’ve clearly made him late as he rushes out of the bathroom, dresses, and leaves in a hurry.  After he leaves,  I slip off the wedding band.


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